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Agriculture is the backbone of our economy and feeds a country’s population.Robust step should be put in place to ensure that the agricultural sector is not faced with challenges that can leads to it’s downfall.The flow of material through a production plant is best made through weighing systems. Our scales are used in various parts of a Agriculture plant, from weighing to feeding lines our weighing systems provide reliable control over the flow of material. By using  live weighing systems the process of production can be monitored.

All our systems are electronically controlled providing easy monitoring and the ability to work and coordinate with the other organs of the production line.


We have a number of automated machines that can measure and relay data remotely from one geographical location to another.Suitable for dairy farming and weighing of milk.

This is a dairy system that aids dairy cooperative societies to manage their membership and daily transactions with all the farmers such as milk collection and distribution, agrovet sales, loans etc.The system makes it possible to process payment of members quickly and instantly, thus achieving in five minutes what would otherwise take a whole week to achieve.