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leveling mounts

The foot (also know as anti-vibration), is a technical industrial product composed of a spindle/screw and a base/plate for leveling and supporting structures of different nature.
Usually used for leveling and as a support, it is used in countless fields.
Among the most common applications surely we can cite the machinery (in the widest meaning of the term); any type of machine, in fact, is installed on wheels (castors & wheels) or leveling feet (adjustable feet): from the most recent ones such as numerical control lathes, milling machines, machining centers, water/laser/plasma cutting, or for wood working, textile, glass, ceramics, paper, tobacco, to the most popular machines, but more demanding in terms of hygiene, in the packaging industry, meat, dairy, bakery, bottling, labeling up to the military, solar and renewable energy, not to mention the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry with demanding hygiene standards.

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