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  • Industrial Floor Scales.

Industrial floor scales are used to weigh heavy loads around the warehouse.either in huge boxes or sacks. It measures weight in different measurements of weight like kilograms and pounds. The floor scales are to be placed near the loading area for easy access since they are used to measure goods coming in and out of the warehouse. To check out our floor scales which are in-house manufactured click here


  • Pallet Scales

Pallet scales are specifically designed to weigh crates, boxes and palletized loads. They also help you move the loads from one place to another. They are used especially in warehouses that carry palletized goods or packaged goods in huge boxes. 


  • Forklift Scales

The scale uses the hydraulic sensor system of the forklift to measure the resistance to whatever the forklift is lifting, thus weighing the object in the process. The scale is typically used for checking the weight of the product when it is loaded into the cargo/transport vehicle


  • Counter Scales

Time is money as the lay man says, you don’t want to waste time counting items. The counter scale will be effective for you when you have items like nails or pins to count. Be sure to get one to save time. Get yourself a counter scale here


  • Vehicle Scales

Vehicle scales are also weighbridges or truck scales. Truck scales are used in industries to weigh trucks and ensure they carry the stipulated weight. You can install a truck scale at the entrance or exit of your warehouse to ensure that you do not take up much space or cause congestion in your warehouse vicinity. Be sure to take on a digital truck scale to ensure you secure your profits. Click here for truck scale insights.



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