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KICC Meat Expose Leave a comment

We were privileged to take part in the meat expose that happened at the Kenya International Conference Center from 18th to 19th of November 2021. The aim of the expose was to create an opportunity for the various companies/individuals dealing with meat related equipment  and products to come and market themselves. For that reason, there were many farmers, butchers among other people who turned up to get the most efficient products for their businesses. That gave us an opportunity to show off our weighing machines which are very essential in weighing meat as well as live animals in the farms. Many of the people who visited our stall were happy since they got to know the most recent weighing scales which are advanced technologically thus ensuring that their businesses are doing good as well as ensuring that there are no losses encountered. At the end of the expose, we were ranked the best company that had weighing equipment because of the technology that is used in our machines. If you did miss the expose, you can still visit us at our shop to have the same experience. With scales technology, be assured of SECURING YOUR PROFITS.

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