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You have definitely come across weighbridge toll stations and we all know what reason they are for. To ensure the trucks are of the stipulated weight on the roads. The same brilliance was used to know the weight of trucks as they left warehouses to supply commodities and Origen Fresh also took the advantage. Scales Technology was given the privilege to install the weighbridge. Inspection of the foundation was done successfully and its installation was done on 22nd of April and it was an incredible project.

Watch our Facebook post on the same https://www.facebook.com/253193845268514/videos/312760411000375. Do not lose the little you have due to hitches here and there on your weights and measures. Scales Technology Solutions has you covered on matters weighing and calibrations. We make your scales and balances accurate for effective sales and SECURE YOUR PROFITS! There are a few aspects you need to consider before installing a weighbridge which we will discuss in our articles ahead.

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