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Android POS terminal


  • World’s first provides “cloud backup” mini touch Pad POS electrical cash register.
  • World’s first All-in-one POS Design: integrating with Touch Screen, Printer,Magcard reader, NFC card reader, WCDMA, Bluetooth, WIFI,Camera etc, meet commercial needs.
  • A9 dual-core processor of high performance and low consumption, ensuring a stable, efficient and safe system operation.
  • Bezel free capacitive touch screen, with professional waterproof design and superb user experience.
  • Inbuilt lithium battery, avoiding data loss caused by power shortage.
  • Embedded with optional POS software meeting various business application demands, such retail, convenient stores, restaurants and supermarkets, etc., it is able to visit remote data base directly through webservice, build chain network and support online upgrade.
  •  6” capacitive touch with elegant appearance and full-screen touch experience. High resolution, making graphical software interface accessible. Easy to use.
  • Support Android4.4 os. Welcome software company to cooperate and develop system solutions.
  • Easy loading mechanism, able to replace paper roll quickly. Function of black mark detection supports to print tickets with fixed length.
  • Support to remote system management, data maintenance and remote upgrade.



AOWX 6 Inch Handheld POS with High Resolution Screen, Inbuilt battery supports 200 receipts printing or 8 hours standby.


  • Mini touch Pad POS cash register which provides “cloud backup”.
  • All-in-one Pad POS Design: integrating with touch screen, printer, magcard, NFC card, WCDMA/LTE, Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS, camera etc., its efficiency is sufficient to meet complex business needs.
  • Equipped with a high-performance quad-core processor, its high energy efficiency and low power consumption characteristics ensure stable, efficient and safe operation of the product.
  • Adopt frameless capacitive touch screen, perfect light touch experience, and feel the same with high-end mobile phones, making easy and fast sales possible.
  • Built-in lithium battery can avoid data loss and sales interruption caused by sudden power outage.
  • With buyer protection function, it can ensure that competing software cannot run unauthorized software by re-flashing, so as to protect the interests of investors who buy the machine.


  • There are multi-format front desk software (optional) for retail, convenience stores, restaurants, supermarkets, etc., which can directly access remote databases through Webservice, establish a chain network, and support online upgrades.
  • Support mainstream third-party payment platforms such as WeChat and Alipay.
  • Adopting 6 ” LCD full-screen touch experience, high-definition display resolution, can realize graphical software interface, and the appearance of the device is fashionable. It is simple and easy to use.
  • Support Android 10.0 operating system, welcome software companies to discuss cooperation system solutions.
    Easy loading paper structure, can quickly replace the printing paper roll, and has a black mark detection function (can print a fixed ticket, such as: movie tickets, bus tickets…).
  • Modular hardware design is convenient for product upgrade and maintenance.
  • It can realize remote system management, data maintenance and remote upgrade.
Model name AOWX
Processor Rockchip RK3066,dual-coreA9,1.6Ghz
Storage 8GB eMMC
System Android4.4
Display screen 5.94″TFT LCD(540*960)
Touch panel Capacitive
Peripheral Bluetooth Bluetooth3.0+BluetoothBLE
WIFI IEEE 802.11b/g/n
3G Support WCDMA/GSM900/DCS1800.Inbuilt PIFA antenna
NFC 13.56MHz,Opearting Distance5~8cm,Support ISO14443, ISO18092
Magnetic head two tracks magnetic head and card slot ,support magnetic stripe card operation
Camera 3 mega-pixel camera ,auto-focusing ,Support one dimensional code and qr code scanning
I/O Port Micro USB USB OTG
Headset jack 3.5mm aperture
Loudspeaker Support
Microphone Support encryption acoustic verify
PSAM card Support 128 digital asymmetric encryption
DC power port 9V 2A
Battery Li. battery 7.4V 2250mAH
Printer 2″ without cutter thermal printer(57mmxΦ40mm)
Dimension 202.9(L)*93.2(W)*56.1(H)mm
Weight 0.52kg