BERYL Multi-Function Fat Height Weight Measuring Machine Ultrasonic Medical Body Weighing Scale


Measure obesity, BMI body index. Hand touch resistance measurement, accurate body fat measurement without slippers. Ultrasonic intelligent sensor measurement, with fine-tuning function. The product has RS232 port (the latest system), which can realize data output. Applicable to beauty salons, physical examination centers, hospitals, community clinics, schools


  •  Height measurement: ultrasonic intelligent induction measurement
  • Height measurement range: 135-210cm, division value 0.5cm, allowable ±0.5cm error, with height fine-tuning function
  • Weighing range: 3-200kg, division value 100g, allowable plus or minus 300g error
  • Measurement items: weight, height, fat percentage, visceral fat, water, muscle, bone, obesity value, BMI, calories, body size, body age
  • Complete functions, 2 measurement modes for selection, weight/height/BMI, weight/height/body fat
  • Hand touch resistance measurement, accurate body fat measurement without slippers
  • Voice registration function (voice can be turned on or off)
  • RS232 port: The product has an RS232 port, which can realize data output
  • Printing function: self-contained thermal printer
  • Power on/off method: Gravity boot/button boot; automatic shutdown/button shutdown
  • Power source: plug-in use (factory equipped with DC 6V2A adapter

Product implementation standard: GB/T 23111-2008

Product size: 33.6X49.5x230cm    

Big box size: 128.5×45.5x20cm

Gross weight per unit: 13kg

Packing quantity: 1 set