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BXF Box Filling System Box Filling System 10-25 kg


Esit roller weighing system is a bagging machine used for filling bulk material into boxes with the weight of 15-20 kg. It is composed of 3 main sections which are the entry tray, weighing assembly and vibration table. Empty box to be filled is placed on the entry desk and manually proceeded onto the weighing tray. The box is filled with the relevant product depending on the weight value set, the bag, filling operation of which has completed is taken onto the vibrating table manually to ensure proper placement in the box. After completing this operation on the vibrating table the bag, filled with the product is picked up and sent to the relevant area by the operator.

  • Stainless steel filling outlet
  • Fast and slow filling in the set value
Model  BXF
Capacity 10-25 kg
Maximum Accuracy ± % 0,1
Filling Rate 5 bags/min
Number of Load Cells 1
Control Terminal PWI-P
Weight Indicator 9 digit 20 mm LED
Board Equipment Start-Stop, Automatic-Manuel, Emergency Buttons
Optional Outputs Rs232, Rs485, 0-10V, 4-20mA, External Indicator