BY810 electronic patient scale


Ø Equipped with 4 high precision sensors for weight measurement
Ø 6 mm tempered safety glass platform
Ø Capacity: 180kg (396lb/28st)
Ø Division: 0.1kg
Ø LCD display size: 75x30mm
Ø Step on activation to start
Ø Unit: kg/lb/st
Ø Automatic switch
Ø Auto zero resetting and power off
Ø Overload/low battery indication
Ø 2PCS of 1.5V AAA battery included
Ø Product size: 30.2×30.2×3.6 (cm)


Accurately measure body weight, weight gain or loss is supported by a scale. 300 grams can be weighed when it is turned on, and the maximum weight can be 400 kg. Chinese unit conversion: jin/kg. Large LED screen, clear at a glance.


Product implementation standard: GB/T 23111-2008

Product barcode: 6942972218103

Product size: 302*302*35mm

Color box size: 34.5*33*5.1cm

Big box size: 43.5*35.5*35cm (vertical)

Gross weight per unit: 1.81kg

Gross weight of the whole box: 15.2kg

Large box volume: 0.055 cubic meters

Packing quantity: 8 sets