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OCS mini Crane Scale without Bluetooth


This OCS Hanging Scale that is versatile, reliable, accurate and easy to operate crane scale. It has a Quality stainless steel load receptor and Aluminum-casting case for better safety .It has a quality integrated circuit and dedicated weighing load cell, ensuring long time stability. Smart Power-saving: 3*AA battery with low power consumption design.



  • Enlarged screen/display: Features 2″ long LED display with white backlight and huge black numbers with high-precision visibility of over 10 meters distance.
  • Accurate/sensitive readings: High quality adaptation for taking consistent and accurate measurements of 0.1kg to 300kg (graduation increments of 0.1kg). readings instantly get adjusted once load changes.
  • Adaptability and user-friendly design: A simple device (with manual) which can be hanged, then loads fit into bags and attached to hooks (load receptors).
  • Readability: Features Auto zero, Zero, Tare, Hold, Auto power-off/on, battery supervision, overload alarm, and unit switch functions.
  • Portability and safety: Safely adapted load receptor, shackle and hook are made of high-quality stainless steel, thus offer sturdy and durable attributes.
  • Multi-purpose features: This scale is hand-held and very portable. Thus, it can be adapted for farms, hunting, fishing, workshops etc.
  • High-precision weighing sensor.
  • Function control keys
  • Weighing capacity: 0.1kg to 300kg
  • Digital indicator (with LCD displays).
  • Significantly reduces the operator’s workload and improves work efficiency
  • Power Supply: AA Battery (alkaline)
  • Device Size: Hand mini size