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DLMS-BS Manage settings software for belt scale


  • Access to device data
  • Monitoring
  • Logging Feature
  • Graphics Support


DLMS_BS, provides access and change options to all parameters of belt scales using the Modbus protocol. Whereby calibration, totalization reset, password change, and output settings can be done remotely.  

Flow rate (t / h), Flow %, Total 1 (t), Total 2 (t), scale weight (kg), speed (m / s), the load per second (kg / s) and batch values can be monitored.  

Except for the standard recording features, it is possible to adjust recording period as seconds, minutes and hours. Recording variables can be select as each (hours, t/h, total1, total2, m/s, status, kg/s and flowrate %).  Graphic view can be in the range of 5 seconds to 10 minutes (t / h, total1, total 2, m / s, kg / s) .

System Requirements;

Minimum Specifications
Processor Pentium 233 MHz
Ram 32 MB (larger Ram is recommended)
Disk Capaity 10 MB (larger capacity for data logging is required.)
Screen 800×600 High color or true color
Connection Serial port
Interface USB/RS232 or RS232/RS485 commutator
Driver CD-ROM(only for setup)
Operating System Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/7/8