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  • Integrated with weighing scale
  • Not product limitation
  • Both android and windows based
  • Has various reports
  • Show product images for ease when making sales
  • Has accounting, purchases and sales function
  • Has user account creation with given rights
  • Multiple payments modes

ETPOS 5 is a certified invoicing software with an adaptable tactile interface for all business areas.
From catering (cafes, bars, restaurants and nightclubs) to retail (laundries, ready-to-wear, convenience stores, supermarkets, hairdressers, butchers, fruit and fishmongers).

ETPOS facilitates day-to-day management, adding value to your business in an increasingly competitive business environment.

It allows connection in a TCP/IP network with a distributed database that gives autonomy to the workstations and diversity of multi-station scenarios, ensuring the normal functioning of work and without loss of information.

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