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HIPPO-L Steel Modular Scale Steel Modular Scale 40-60 t

ESİT Hippo-L is a modular steel weighbridge with pit-mount and surface-mount options. Designed to meet European standards in its respective industry, Hippo-L offers a strong static build which is suitable for use in every sector where legal loading and weight measurement is required.  

ESİT Hippo-L weighbridges feature a modular structure with a width of 3 m and are produced in various lengths from 4 m to 24 m with 2 m intervals. Thanks to its modular structure, Hippo-L can be easily assembled and is suitable for international container shipping.  

Hippo-L steel weighbridge is designed not only to provide robustness and long-term durability, but also to offer easy assembly, easy handling, easy cleaning and ideal height.  

ESİT Hippo-L vehicle scales are equipped with ESİT SC load cells and SC EL rubber mounting kits as well as PWI-T  microprocessor-based electronic weighing terminals as standard.



  • Rubber pads
  • Multiple load cells
  • Low profile
  • Dust covers
  • Steel cable housings
  • Lightning protection
  • Assigning incremental sequence numbers to every weighing ticket
  • Memory capacity to store 100,000 weighing operations
  • Capability to recognize vehicles of fixed tare values 10 user-definable ticket data fields
  • Detailed reporting between given dates
  • Ability to edit ticket and report formats
  • Access to any data based on given criteria
  • Printer connection
  • Label and report printing
  • Legal metrology approval
  • CE certificate
  • ERP integration
  • Traffic controls integration
Model SC
Protection Class IP68
Mounting Kits SC-EL
Fixed operating temperature interval -10°C … +40°C
Operating temperature interval -40°C … +80°C c
Model PWI-T
Protection Class IP54
Feeding tension and strentgh 90-265VAC 60W
Operating temperature interval -10°C … +40°C
J-Box connection box 
Protection class IP66
Material Alüminyum
Fixed operating temperature interval -10°C … +40°C
Operating temperature interval -40°C … +80°C
Feeding tension and strentgh