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Avoids toppling or displacement of the load with the ground fixing system  

Corrects off-center loads  

Protects the load cell against leakage currents with a grounding cable

Areas of Application;

  • All types of high capacity tank, mixer and bunker weighing systems that require to be fixed to the ground


  • Protects the load cell against the side forces due to vehicles’ entries into and exits from the vehicle scales
  • Increases weighing accuracy since no other elements such as tension rods, etc. are used
  • Eliminates problems arising from thermal expansion
  • Protects the load cell against impact loads Corrects off-center loads. Carries the load directly to the loading axis. Allows for setup
  • The joints placed within the load cell are made of reinforced steel
  • The rubber material used is durable and suitable for outdoor temperature conditions
  • A grounding cable has been placed between the lower and upper plates
  • Made of reinforced steel, and electro-galvanized and painted against corrosion