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LP7510 Digital indicator

LP7510 indicator is powered by adapter, you plug the adapter directly into the “DC” pin at the back cover the indicator is ok. The indicator can connect with 6 load cell of 350Ω at most, 4 wire or 6 wire load cell both ok. The indicator can output 4 signal, connect with the outside equipment the indicator can perform automatic control function and upper limit and lower limit alarm function. Perform function through setting C33, 4 signals.



When you use the internal battery first time, you should charge the battery 10-12 hours, to prevent low voltage resulted from self leakage of battery. The battery voltage could be checked from the light on the right bottom of the display. When low-voltage, “battery marking” flickering and LOBAT shining on LCD display; Red light flickering on LED display, then please recharge the battery. Charge time: 10-12 hours. And it works 40 hours.



1. accumulate, counting, weighting, tare, zero, print
2. animal weighing, hold, sorting, checking, limit alarming
3. ten times greater precision
4. under-voltage indication and under-power shutdown
5. housing: carbon steel shot blasting (optional)


1. second display interface: serial RS232
2. communication interface: RS232/RS485, baud rate 600~9,600
3. printing: shared with serial interface, can be connected to serial/built-in/desktop/thermal printer
4. relay output: four solid state relays (optional: sound and light alarm)
5. analog output: 4-20mA
6. extensible interface: Modbus-RTU/TCP, Profibus-DP, USB, Ethernet, RF wireless module

Display 6-digit 20mm LED or 25mm LCD with backlight
Accuracy class OIML III
AD convert Σ-△, 24 bit
Input voltage -5mV~20mV
Resolving display 50000, internal code 2000000
Minimum resolution 1μV/e
Excitation voltage DC5V
Load cell interface 4-wire (optional: 6-wire)
Drive capability 1~6 350Ω analog load cell(s)
Power supply AC110~240V 50/60Hz or built-in 6V/4Ah lead acid battery
Work environment -10ºC ~ +40ºC, ≤85%RH
Battery enduring life 30 hours (with four 350Ω analog load cells)