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Pallet Scale

This digital pallet scale provide a great way of weighing many types of pallets like Chep and Loscam. Completely movable, simply roll the pallet scales under the pallet and jack it up to get a weight. The scales can then be used to move the pallet to location before weighing another item. Ideal for use in warehousing, distribution and logistics. Easy to use scale monitor also allows for quick on-site calibration if required.




  • 3 tons capacity
  • Highly accurate, quick response time with great repeatability
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Easy to calibrate if required

A convenient means of weighing pallets and other industrial items. Easy to move and steer, these pallet scales are a necessity for many warehouses. Designed to fit all standard pallets including CHEP and LOSCAM. Simply roll under the pallet, engage the handle and jack the pallet from the floor. You can then gain an accurate reading. Alternatively, you can zero the scales with a pallet on to allow net & gross readings for the items on the pallet. Ideal for use in factories, workshops, warehouses, farms, sheds, airports and loading facilities as well as dispatch locations to name a few.