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POStech System


POStech Point of sale system technology is a modern technology system for retail and restaurant operations. It’s the evolution of the cash register – enabling businesses to process sales and accept payments,

Whether they are cash, credit cards or being paid via mobile(M-PESA). POStech system can be transformative for business, enabling more efficient transaction management and streamlining the cash handling process. POStech system is the heart of a retailers. It’s where staff and customers gather to complete transactions and form positive memories.

POStech system does much more than just accept payment from customers, can also record sales data so managers can track inventory and accurately order more stocks.

Unlike traditional POS systems, which store data in a computer’s hard drive, a cloud-based POStech system stores data in the cloud. The cloud is a term used to describe storing and accessing data over the internet. With a cloud-based POS system, you can also process sales over the internet.