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SP-WIN Vehicle Weighing Application


  • Remote display
  • Message panel
  • Traffic lights
  • Mechanical barrier
  • Optical security ring

SP-Win Vehicle Weighing Application was prepared with our previous experience and the demands of our customers. Not only providing standard expectations SP-Win meets special demands such as flexible reporting and easy adjustable report formats.  

During weighing, storing photos of the vehicle with a camera and displaying within the record history is among the many outstanding features of the application.


Minimum Specifications
Processor Pentium 4 2Ghz
Ram 1 GB (larger Ram is recommended)
Disk Capaity 10 MB (larger capacity for data logging is required.)
Screen 800×600 High color or true color
Connection Serial port
Interface RS232C/RS485 connector
Driver CD-ROM(only for setup)
Operating System Windows XP/7 Pro