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SSB-TM Mounting Kits


  • In medium capacity tank and silo weighing applications, In non-impact and non-trembling reactor weighing applications are used.

Avoids toppling or displacement of the load with the ground fixing system  Corrects off-center loads  Protects the load cell against side forces  Protects the load cell against leakage currents with a grounding cable


  • Conveys the load directly to the center of the load cell thanks to its special design
  • The upper plate can move in every direction such that undesired twistings of the load cell are eliminated
  • Load cell has been mounted using highly strong bolts (8.8)
  • Protects the load cell against leakage currents thanks to the grounding cable placed between the lower and upper plates
  • Made of reinforced steel, and electro-galvanized and painted against corrosion