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TMA Barcode Label Printing Scales

NVK 30kg TMA Barcode Label Printing Scales Retail Shop Cash Register Price Computing Scale CE Electronic For Fruits Supermarket

1. Full English display, can display date and time, store name, product name, operation steps, etc.Other language need to inquiry us.
2.63 shortcut keys, supporting 3 products with one key, 189 items for quick invocation
3. Drawer-type printer, handle for printing in engine room, smooth pushing and pulling, convenient for paper replacement and cleaning
4. Can print self-adhesive stickers
5. Can print daily report, monthly report, quarterly report and other customized reports
6. Scan external and internal bar code for cash
7. The edited product information can be imported into the U disk, plugged into the electronic scale and turned on, then the product will be imported automatically
8. VIP points discount function
9. Double scale design
10. Support external expansion of equipment such as scanning gun and money box

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