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VBF3 3 Headed Turbine Driven Valve Bag Filling Scale 3 Headed Turbine Driven Valve Bag Filling Scale 14 bags/min


Valve bag filling machines are used for filling products in powder form (cement, gypsum, grout, calcite etc.) other powder materials, into bags with valves. There are models with single or multiple filling outlets depending on the production capacity.

The system performs bagging operation depending on the quantity set (target material) by the user. The system is composed of a control panel and mechanical parts. After starting the system, fast and slow filling processes take place in order. After filling, bag knock over piston releases the bag. In the triple system, the bags in 2. and 3. weighing areas are waited for the parametric knock over periods set in PLC program in order to prevent dropping of the bags one over another.

  • Ability to make filling with the quantity of 10, 25, 30, 40, 50 kg
  • Automatic chute calculation
  • Automatic bag knock over


 Model VBF-3
Number of Filling Outlets 1
Capacity 14 bags/min
Maximum Accuracy ± % 0,1
Engine Power 5.5 KW
Engine Drive Speed (Fast/Slow) 20 Hz / 15 Hz
Cylinder Diameter Ø 63.5
Number of Load Cells 3
Construction Stainless Steel, Steel
Area of Use Cement, Gypsum, Construction Chemicals
Belt Material PVC
Graduation 20g