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E-milk is a Android application serving a vital role in day to day tasks in dairies. It includes following details:

Daily milk receipt twice a day.

1. Morning

2. Evening with slip printing for farmer. 

Slips can be printed on Dot Matrix printer or Laser Jet printer.

Sales of milk to big dairy in towns.

Sales of cattle feed and other articles to farmers and others on credit & cash.

Prepare weekly/10 days/random period milk purchase bills from 1 above.

This milk purchase bills has option to print ledger of other transactions (cash payment/receipt/ credit sales etc) during the period of bill.

Purchase of products for sale to farmers (cattle feed and other articles).

Profit & loss statement, Balance sheet, Cash book, bank book, journal, profit & loss, balance sheet, etc.

Languages supported English, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati and all customized language.

SNF calculated from CLR using different formula or direct SNF entry is also accepted.

Rate can be imported automatically from excel file. 

Charts of DEGREE only or Fat/SNF both can be stored and prepared.

Separate (different) charts for more than 1 route possible and it will automatically take rate from chart of the route on which the party comes.

Module Wise Description and Reports

Collection Module

1) Collect milk by Farmers (FAT/Degree Rate Basis).

2) Rate Chart for Cow .

3) Local Sale.

Cattle Feeds.

1) Feed Entry.

2) Feed Sale On Credit /Cash.

3) Feed Purchase From Supplier.


1) Farmer Deduction per Liter wise or Per Ksh Wise. 

2) Till Date Deduction Report.

3) Total Farmer Deduction Report.

4) Customized Deduction Entry.


1) Advance For Farmer.

2) Advance From Customer.

3) Periodic Farmer Payment.

4) Monthly or Periodic Customer Payment.

5) Feeds Purchase. 

6) Feeds Sale.


Daily Report

1) Daily Milk Collection Repor.t

2) Milk Passbook.

3) FAT/Degree Wise Milk Collection.

4) Today’s Collection with Amount and Deduction.

Periodic Report

1) Periodic Milk Collection Report Farmer Wise/ALL.

2) Payment Register.

3) Total Deductions.

4) Total Production Group wise Production.

5) Customer Payment Status.

6) Farmers Payment.