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What gets weighed, gets managed

Shift from dairy farming to dairy business using smart cow dairy management software.
How? our dairy co-operative management software to:
Achieve maximum breed potential
Raise cow productivity to breed potential
Nurturing heifers with proven high performance potential
Ensuring proper health care for all animals
Access accurate herd information and make informed decisions
Collaborate with other expert farmers and consultants

Some of the modules offered include:
Cow records View a detailed list of all cows each with its birth records, pedigree information and crucial records
Daily milk production Monitor daily milk production records for each individual cow and obtain daily, weekly and monthly summaries e.g total yield, lowest and highest yields, average per cow. gainers vs losers etc.Automatically get lactation and monthly reports and statistics

Breeding records This keeps a well organized record of insemination and breeding records. It checks cases if inbreeding and gives an alert through notifications.Other auto generated records include pregnancy calendars showing dates such as 1st and 2nd heat checks, pd, drying and steaming dates, expected calving dates (the system notifies once these events are reached), pregnancy levels for all confirmed cows, semen catalog, calving records, family/pedigree trees etc.