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Weighing in the transport & logistics sector is of great importance. Weighing systems are used to measure the load of a carrier and check if it is safe to go on the road as well as controlling the amount of materials shipped out.
Truck scales are used to measure the vehicles, our company has a wide variety of truck scales to offer for different types of roads,plants,vehicles and loads.
All our systems are electronically controlled providing easy monitoring and the ability to work and coordinate with the other organs of


Fast/rapid weighbridge solutions for our customers  which reduces cost and improves efficiency.

Our high quality portable truck weighing scales are economical and adaptable solutions that are optimal for farming, trucking, industrial and mining applications.From standard to custom design scales, Scales Technology Solutions LTD has a product for any budget or operation. Our truck scales offer the ability to check weigh loads, as well as allowing compliance with vehicle weight restrictions, all with exceptional accuracy, reliability and durability.

With Scales dedicated after-sales customer support and service team, you can be confident that your weighing system will continue to perform year after year.

Truck scale
Goods tracking

The system verifies that goods delivered to the warehouse match the quantities declared by the contractor in the packing slip. The control system is based around barcode technology. Goods are registered as they are received, using barcode readers. Data read from labels are sent on to a central database. The control system allows results to be compared with the quantities stated by the supplier in the delivery and order documentation.